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7 Excellent Reasons Your Business Should Outsource Shredding
11 Oct. 2022

7 Excellent Reasons Your Business Should Outsource Shredding

Every organization produces a certain amount of confidential information that must be destroyed, once there purpose is over. Industries dealing with a lot of paperwork containing critical information rely more ...
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07 Oct. 2022

Document Security – An Integral Part of Your Information Security Program

Information once inscribed on paper or stored on a digital medium can be used for an ethical purpose or exploited. The purpose of information primarily depends on the intention of ...
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14 Jun. 2022

What to Look for in a Paper Shredding Company

As the premier paper shredding company in the industry, we get asked plenty of questions.  One of our favorites – besides, ‘should I shred my documents?’ – YES! – is: What ...
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25 May. 2022

Record Retention: How Long Should Records be Kept?

So, the beginning of the year.  It’s often that we hear this question at USA Shredding.How Long Should Records be Kept?While we do not work for the IRS, nor are ...
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20 May. 2022

Paper Shredding vs. Recycling – Which is Most Secure?

Shredding companies affiliated with the NAID have access to the shredding industry’s best and most current practices regarding document destruction. NAID is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate ...
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30 Mar. 2022

Onsite vs. Offsite Shredding: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Shredding — what is it good for? Actually, quite a lot. Shredders help companies optimize efficiency for the same reason that you think and work better in an uncluttered space. ...
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04 Feb. 2022

Things to look for when hiring a professional shredding company

When you leave documents to pile up, your guests and workers’ nonpublic information can be put at threat. Shredding is a safe and secure way to dispose of nonpublic documents ...
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